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eaRth tones:

earth tonesOur Col•R•Tone™ Tapes and Labels have been a hallmark of our business for decades, and we’re constantly looking at ways to increase the ways people can organize and simplify their lives using our Col•R•Tone™ System.

earth tonesWhen we were shown artwork that Linda Price-Sneddon had done in an installation in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, we were floored by the creativeness she showed in using our tapes! For years, we knew that our tapes were great for many different applications, but this shed new light on the versatility of our own product!

As a result, we’ve expanded our Col•R•Tone™ line into more artistic applications, including our new mosaic-ready Tape Tiles, and particularly, this new collection of exciting colors, eaRth tones!

Take them for a spin in your own office - see what you can do with them! We promise, it will spawn new ideas and creativity for everyone who uses it!

Call (785) 437-6000 EXT 114 for a free tape swatch card which shows actual samples.



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