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These plasticized paper tapes work well to create wall designs in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Whether a child or patient creates art or murals on walls themselves or suggests ideas to be created by caregivers or family, these tapes work well. Being repositional and removable, they can be used on walls, windows, bed headboards and doors to create something unique to brighten a room and make it personal. Bedridden patients enjoy having something made just for them.

And the completed art can be changed, added to, or removed at any time. People enjoy adding their name or design when they come visit.

To the right is a wonderful example of the creativity shown using art tape by 4th - 7th graders!  This was created by a group of students in a small Catholic school in Wisconsin.  If you have photos you'd like to share with us, please contact us!

Users have found 1/2" wide tape works best for wall art. Call us for pages of examples of wall art. Also, our tape dots on our specialty dots page work well for eyes, flower petals, etc!

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